How to Make Fertility Suck Less for Others

1) Make a fertility courage basket or care package

If you know someone going through fertility struggles why not show them some support by giving them some goody items to help cheer them up and support them. I put an inspirational quote with each little goody for my friend Jessica.  Some ideas that I included: lavender oil, Godiva chocolates, Burt's Bees foot cream, cute fertility socks (Etsy is great for this and they also have fertility cards you can buy too), lip gloss, nail polish, baked goods, tote bag, coloring books, goldfish snacks, candles, book, Kleenex, pregnancy tests, cute band aids, etc. Get creative! 

2) Mentor another IVF warrior  

There's a great website called Fruitful that matches mentor and mentee.  If you have been through the battlegrounds then why not lend an ear or help someone else navigating the crazy, complicated world of fertility.

3) Donate any leftover medications

Other warriors from support groups can definitely put them to good use. 

4) Share your blog with someone

If you wrote during your IVF journey here is a chance to share your story to help someone.

5) Participate in a walk

American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and RESOLVE-National Infertility Association: National Infertility Awareness Week is April 22-28, 2018.

6) Raise awareness by posting on your social media

National fertility awareness week (April 23-29) and pregnancy (miscarriage) and infant loss month (October). 

7) Donate your embryos

I cannot imagine a more loving act than to give another couple the gift of a child.  I get this is not for everyone and can be a difficult decision, but how amazing this can be. 

8) Make a monetary donation