Helpful Resources:

American Society for Reproductive Medicine: www.asrm.org

European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology: www.eshre.org

the ASRM patient website: www.reproductivefacts.org

the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) website: www.sart.org

the Centers for Disease Control site for ART results: www.cdc.gov

RESOLVE: www.resolve.org

How long have you struggled with fertility issues?  There are so many different circumstances that can lead to difficulty having children.  

  • You thought that it would be easy to conceive, but have experienced the heartbreak, disappointment, sadness, and loss of not being able to.   

  • You are the person that always dreamed of having a big family and you have not been able to conceive. You might already have one child, but struggle with secondary infertility.

  • You are a single person and have decided that you are ready to have children.

  • You are a same sex couple that has decided to use medical interventions to grow/have a family.  

I recognize and value that everyone is an individual and has their own unique situation and journey.  I can tell you from personal and professional experience that joining this "club," is way too much to handle alone. Friends and family can be supportive, but at times they do not know how to help or can even be damaging. It can be helpful to talk with someone that has not only been there themselves, but also has the psychological savvy to help you navigate these most complicated and so emotionally consuming times.  

Psychological interventions may include:

Support and validation through such a difficult time (research has shown that on a trauma scale infertility rates as high as a cancer diagnosis)

Developing healthy coping skills to help effectively manage stress

Navigating relationship issues; can cause lots of discord with partner, family, and friends

Explore and identify emotions; lots of mixed feelings with fertility

Processing past grief and trauma

Problem solving to make the best decisions for your family

Learning to effectively communicate to be your own advocate

Exploring growth-how to turn this experience into something good

*** I also complete psychosocial consultations for those undergoing 3rd party reproduction using donor egg, donor sperm, or donor embryos.