I enjoy helping those that have maternal/reproductive/perinatal mental health issues (preconception inculding fertility issues, pregnancy, and postpartum), grief/bereavement/loss, relationship issues, and life transitions.  

Maternal Mental Health/Reproductive Mental Health/Perinatal Mental Health

I feel passionate about helping to support women, moms to be, and moms. If you are currently in the process of trying to conceive, currently pregnant, or are recently a new parent then we may be a good fit. For those trying to conceive please see my entire page dedicated to fertility.  If you are currently pregnant, therapy can help you manage any mood concerns you may be having or help you prepare for your changing role into motherhood. Pregnancy is a vulnerable time that can bring up  many feelings related to past experiences or the idea of the new demands you may be faced with. You may feel overwhelmed and therapy can be a place to help you support and manage these stressors. Lastly, if you are a new parent then congratulations, but this can also be an extremely challenging time in your life. Therapy can help you navigate the many demands and many changes that having a baby brings. You may be a potential fit for therapy if:

  • You would like to have an established relationship with a mental health professional in case of the needs arise (preventive care)
  • You are a woman that believes in practicing good self care  
  • You struggle with infertility, high risk pregnancy, pregnancy loss, miscarriage, termination
  • You spend much of your day thinking or worrying about pregnancy or doing everything in your power not to
  • You were disappointed or disempowered by your birth experience
  • You have risk factors that predispose you for a perinatal mood or anxiety disorder (PMAD) or concerned you have one
  • You would benefit from having an unbiased professional help you prioritize your life and plan for the many adjustments to parenthood


Have you experienced a loss?  Even though loss is a universal experience, for everyone person it is a unique experience to them. If you had a recent loss or the loss occurred many years ago therapy can help you with the process of healing. A loss can have a profound effect on our lives.  With loss you may experience sadness, guilt, anger, relief and many other emotions and this can be too much to carry by yourself. My approach is to process the loss and work through any past moments that you may still feel emotionally hooked with (ie never said you were sorry before the person died). My hope is that through therapy you will come to a place where you can continue to move through life stronger and more empowered. I specifically enjoy employing post traumatic growth techniques when the client is ready.  I lost a sibling during childhood which has helped me to develop the compassion to truly understanding how to work with this issue.  

Relationship Issues

Relationships can cause individuals to reflect on who they are and parts of there life that are having a negative impact. I particularly enjoy working with women  and men that are interested in finding a lasting relationship, but find themselves unable to find the "right" person.  Let's explore and see if anything you are currently doing is holding you back or if events from the past are still having an impact on you and getting in the way of true happiness. I also enjoy working with men and women that have difficulty connecting to their emotions and want to be more emotionally available/intelligent for their partners.  

Counseling that focuses on relationships can help:

  • Strengthen communication skills
  • Gain insight about past behaviors 
  • Help to reduce stress and conflicts
  • Discuss family backgrounds
  • Identify areas of strength in the relationship 
  • Identify areas of concern in the relationship 
  • Establish goals 
  • Discuss financial concerns 
  • Become more emotionally available
  • Work through past events

Life Transitions

As we navigate life there are times that can be more stressful than others. These may include but are not limited to:

  • Relationship change: Divorce/Marriage
  • Becoming a parent
  • Career Change/New Job
  • Moving
  • Retirement
  • Major illness/disability
  • Illness/death
  • Buying/selling a home